Digital Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Keep in contact with your existing customers and generate new business in the most cost-effective way by creating and sending profesional e-newsletters. Two Heads have an in-house team dedicated to email campaigns. We will provide in-depth tracking statistics every month, bounce back information, click through rates and unsubscribe cleansing to keep in line with legislation.


Social Media

By this we mean social interaction among people, creating and sharing ideas in virtual communities.

Two Heads will manage your social interaction by creating, sharing and exchanging information in virtual communities. This allows for user creation and generation of  ‘user-generated content’ in highly interactive platforms. 

Potential customers and suppliers are able to share and discuss. Social media gives you the immediacy and permanence that your company needs. 

Two Heads can help you build a strong social media presence that will help your business grow. We help develop a large social following, give those followers what they want, hit your social media goals and understand your needs. We are thus creating a social media strategy for you whilst constantly producing valuable content.


Public Relations

The skill of looking after your reputation, earning understanding and influencing opinions by managing the spread of information between individuals, organisations and the public.

Two Heads will effectively communicate your brand identity and company values to customers and suppliers. We also specialise in copywriting, press releases and feature contributions.

We aim to drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Understanding the importance of increasing your online visibility to customers and potential customers is key.  We can write and submit articles on your behalf to both trade and public channels. We'll also help you build mailing lists if required.


All our new Marketing Retainer clients receive a complimentary marketing review after which we'll create your personalised Marketing Plan. Monthly marketing tele-meetings keep things on track. Sounds good? Let's have that first discussion...

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