If you’re thinking about putting Live Chat on your company website, but are wondering whether it will be worth it, then this article might just help you decide.

Let’s get back to basics. If your business was a high street store and a customer wandered in, what’s the first thing your sales assistants would be expected to do? Ask, “Would you like any help?”

This pro-active approach on the sales floor is a tried and tested method that achieves positive results, so why not put the same process into action with your online marketing?

We all try hard to generate visitors to our websites in order to encourage our potential clients/customers to contact us for a quotation or initiate a sale. Think about it, as soon as they begin to view your website, they have just ‘stepped foot’ into your virtual store. So what do you currently do? Probably nothing. They ‘browse a couple of shelves’ and the majority leave, within seconds.

So, what can you do about it? Firstly you need to be notified immediately that they’ve arrived at your site. You need to know where they’ve come from, what they’re looking for (which pages they are looking at and for how long), if they’ve visited before and if so, how many times. Then you need to be able to initiate a ‘chat’ with them. Perfect.

This type of pro-active interaction with website visitors (Live Chat) has been around for a while, but up until now has been very expensive to implement and complex to manage, often involving outsourcing the manpower to external agencies. Things have just got a whole lot easier and MUCH less expensive, thanks to the latest technology.

Live Chat statistics by 2HEADS Design2HEADS’ Online Chat that can be customised and placed on your own website, irrespective of whether 2HEADS host your site or not. This is a really exciting way to initiate contact at the very early stages of the sales pipeline and will make your company look far more approachable to your prospective clients.

What’s so good about the system is that any number of your staff can be involved in the monitoring. Just assign the relevant staff ‘agent’ status and every time a new visitor comes to your website, you’ll have a number of people on hand to initiate contact, or to respond to visitors’ queries.

Some companies may wish to split the chat between departments, so that ‘sales’ enquiries go to one team, while after-sales and support goes to another. The number of departments is up to you. Agents can also share the chat with other agents if necessary.

Who's visiting your website with Live Chat by 2HEADSOn top of all this, the system Administrator is able to monitor all chats and see a whole host of statistics that will help evaluate the system’s effectiveness within your operation. You can even set the Chat to be active only within your own company’s hours.

2HEADS will install the Chat system onto your website, customise its look, provide staff training, and ongoing support. For a no-obligation quote, please email us on info@2headsdesign.co.uk or contact us via the Online Chat on our website (bottom right on the screen) and take it for a test drive! (Our Live Chat hours are Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm). Or just send us a message via our Contact Page.