Customer Friendly websites: Floorwise responsive website by 2HEADS design in Hull
Floorwise responsive website by 2HEADS design in Hull

Customer Friendly Websites – With over HALF (official statistic) of all web searches now made on mobile devices, it’s important from a visual point of view that your site is easily readable and can be navigated by potential (and existing) clients.

Just as important is the ‘searchability’ of your website in Google. Mobile friendly (i.e. ‘responsive designed’) websites are now ranked HIGHER in Google than those that aren’t. That’s a fact. Google have unashamedly stated this on numerous occasions. So for these two very good reasons, if your website has not been built with a new ‘responsive design’, you will be losing out to your competitors.

A ‘responsive’ website cleverly reshapes itself to the size of the screen used to view it, so your site can be easily read on any size and type of device it is viewed on. In other words, a responsive website will be EASY TO USE on a phone, tablet or desktop PC. This is crucial to doing business nowadays.

We’ve all been frustrated when trying to view websites on phones and the text is too small to read and then goes off the side of the screen when you expand the size. These sites are so awkward to use now that you give up and go to the next one. It’s a great way to lose customers!

Turning back the clock, few people realised just how important phones were going to be to run our lives (both personal and business) until just a few short years ago. In this short space of time, technology has moved forward so much that the desktop PC has now lost ground to mobile internet devices and all websites should now conform to the new internet standards, or will be left well behind.

Another page on the Floorwise responsive website designed by 2HEADS Design Hull
Another page on the Floorwise responsive website designed by 2HEADS Design Hull

All new websites developed at 2HEADS are designed as responsive sites. They also use upgradable technology so that they’ll never be left behind as the web continues to evolve. Our small to medium sized sites are built using the industry leading WordPress platform. This provides peace of mind for our clients whilst also offering a great amount of flexibility for adding additional features later down the road, without having to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

Another big bonus is that all our clients have the option of being able to update their website content themselves, saving them time and money. This type of Content Management System (CMS) is a simply a case of using your web browser to securely log into the ‘back end’ of your website. Some people opt for a very simple interface, while others want to be able to adjust many things. It’s up to you, and we can provide on-site training if required.

re-sized Floorwise web page by 2HEADS design Hull
re-sized Floorwise web page by 2HEADS design Hull

In most cases we also host the clients’ website. We use our own dedicated web server in one of the UK’s top data centres using the very latest security features. This dovetails very well with the WordPress platform, giving you peace of mind and flexibility while providing a single point of contact for any issues or queries relating to your site.

We urge you to take a look at your own website on a phone and see if you are happy with the results. Additionally, you may feel that your site is lacking in style or functionality. We’d be happy to provide ideas and a quote for the work.
Just give us a call on 01482 213728 and we’ll take a look at your site and come up with some ideas. Visit