Digital Marketing

For many companies, digital online marketing will achieve the best ROI from your budget

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing: Keep in contact with your existing customers and generate new business in the most cost-effective way by creating and sending professional e-newsletters. We will provide in-depth tracking statistics every month, bounce back information, click through rates and unsubscribe cleansing to keep in line with legislation. Let us help you build your list(s) and even generate bespoke content to keep your mailings relevant and newsworthy. Of course, we'll design them for you.

Social Media

Sideline Social Media Marketing at your peril! We help you identify which social media channels will be more beneficial for your company. We can set up a new channel and mange it for you, or simply provide training for your in-house team. 2HEADS offer cost-effective and targeted solutions for companies large and small.

Twitter may work best for some companies, Facebook for others, or perhaps one of the many other social platforms will suit your own company best. We'll advise on the best course of action as part of your Marketing Plan.

Public Relations

PR? The skill of looking after your reputation, earning understanding and influencing opinions by managing the spread of information between individuals, organisations and the public. 2HEADS will effectively communicate your brand identity and company values to those who matter via copywriting, press releases and feature contributions. Words from qualified journalists. We can write and submit articles on your behalf to both trade and public channels. We'll also help you build mailing lists if required.

A Few Examples...