In 2012 2Heads announced a new Charitable partnership with Hull children’s charity Child Dynamix.

Child Dynamix is a local charity that has been working with children, young people and their families in Hull since 2005. Their dedicated staff and volunteers work with individuals and families living with the effects of poverty, and or who need support with a broad range of family issues, from debt crisis, to alcohol/drug misuse to domestic abuse. The charity also provides community-based childcare and activities for children and young people out of school.

Giving Back

Giving Back 2

After consultation with staff, 2Heads’ managing director Darron Hartas approached Jane Stafford, managing director of Child Dynamix, with the idea of working together to assist the charity with their excellent work.

A new CSR Provision Agreement was drawn up and 2Heads then set about assisting with a number of essential projects to help the charity raise awareness of its good work and expand its operations in the local community.

2Heads remains committed to assisting Child Dynamix as their ‘charity of choice’ in Hull.