Let’s talk about logo design, branding and rebranding. Is it time to update your company logo, or perhaps undertake a complete rebrand of your business? Even the most established companies undertake brand redesigns, even if slight tweaks.

You might think Coca-Cola has used the same brand design all along, but it has changed and developed over the years.

Times change, companies evolve and your market sector may have ‘moved on’ and left you behind. Almost everything we touch now is affected by online technology and, like it or not, a more modern and up to date brand might be just what your company needs.

Our own 2HEADS brand took on a dramatic new look a short while ago, which not only involved a fresh typographic styling, but also a new brand colour theme.

Child Dynamix logo design created by 2HEADS DesignTime for a company rebrand for your business?

How long has your own brand style and logo been in existence? It’s better not to wait until the point where customers think you look dated and old-fashioned. While there’s no hard and fast rule about when a brand refresh should take place, a good rule of thumb would be no later than 10 years.

Subtle enhancements to the company logo can take place every few years, to keep it fresh, but if your company still uses exactly the same branding that it’s had for many years, then you could really do with asking “is it time for a change”?

First steps when thinking of a rebrand

Besides the obvious logo redesign, there are other considerations. The design aspects can be worked out at marketing level initially, but would no doubt need to be referred to the Board along with cost implications for the new brand roll-out across the company – stationery, website, vans’ packaging, signage etc. The positive advantages should outweigh the costs.

The first step will be to commission new logo design concepts. In order to do this some consultation is needed with your agency to define your target market, analyse your competitors’ brands and to get a ‘feel’ for the (new?) direction the company wants to take.

From the initial consultation the designer will produce a variety of concepts. Following this, even further idea visuals are created until the favourite is chosen to then move to the next stage. From there a set of subtle variations will be produced, from which the final logo is chosen. This often includes a new colour theme, to be used in conjunction with the new logo.

Logo design for a new / start-up businesses

If you are just starting out and don’t even have a logo for your business yet, then you’ll be able to get a fresh new look right from the start! Again it’s important to discuss with your agency where you envisage your company sitting in its specific market and who you think your customers/clients will be. Your target demographic will play a big role in the ‘look and feel’ of your branding.

We love working with you to come up with a design that conveys exactly who you are and what you’re about. Right at the start we can advise on what works and what to avoid. Getting a professional look for your new business is very important and this should then be expanded into all your business activities, from stationery to website, to vehicle livery and brochures, etc.

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule, but we do give guidelines on costings, which really depend on the level of time involved. You may well love one of the first concepts we come up with, or you may wish to choose from a dozen or more different ideas. The more concept ideas and refinements involved, the greater the cost.

We are always happy to provide free estimates, so please just call or email us and we’ll be happy to chat about your requirements and ideas. Tel: 01482 213728 (ask for Graham, our senior designer), or email graham@2headsdesign.co.uk